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회원 상호간에 초지·조사료에 관한 연구를 촉진하고 친목을 도모하며 국내외의 새로운 기술을 신속하게 교환하고
보급함으로써 조사료 산업의 발전을 통한 한국의 축산진흥에 기여하는데 그 목적이 있다.

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(Second Announcement) The Sixth Korea-China-Japan Grassland Conference
작성자 : 관리자 등록일시 : 2016-04-06 17:59
첨부파일 :


We cordially invite you to attend the“The sixth Korea-China-Japan Grassland Conference”, which will be held on 17-20August 2016, at, Jeju IslandKorea.

In order to promote internationalcooperation in the field of grassland science among the East Asian countries,the first meeting “The Japan?Korea?China symposium on grassland agriculture andanimal production” was held at Hiroshima in 2004. A forum for the scientificdiscussion was expansively succeeded to the second symposium at Lanzhou 2006, thethird symposium at Seoul 2009, the fourth symposium at Aichi 2012 and the fifthsymposium at Changchun 2014.

Onthe occasion when the meeting is held again in Koea, the forum is named “The Korea?China?JapanGrassland Conference”, with the aim of further evolution and development ofinternational cooperation among the East Asian countries.

Thisconference will provide you with a valuable opportunity not only to exchangenew ideas, information and knowledge on grassland science among colleagues fromEast Asian countries but also to enjoy the cultural inheritance and beautifullandscapes of central Korea.

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